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We offer for your convenience the following optional medical services:

  •  In-house professional specialties: Gastroenterology, urology, cardiology, E.M.T. (Othorrinolaryngologist )
  • In-house medical services: Imaging studies (Sonogram, Echocardiogram, carotid duplex, venous duplex), Urine Dynamic Study (UDS). Bone density (DEXE exam), 24 Hour BP Monitor, 24 hour HOLTER Monitor, Spiral Metric test, Neuro Scan, LAB services.
  • Most Insurance accepted
  • Medicos especialistas: Gastroenterología, urología, cardiología, E.M.T. (Otorrinolaringólogo )
  • Servicios Medicos: Estudios de Resonancia (Sonograma, Eco cardiograma, carotid duplex, venous duplex). Estudio dinámico de orina (UDS). Densidad ósea (DEXE exam), BP Monitor BP las 24 horas, y Monitor HOLTER las 24 horas. Examen Spiral Metric, Neuro Scan, Services de Laboratorio.
  • Se aceptan la mayoria de los seguros

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